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Spa Girl Update

Well we had our monthly block party today. What a difference a day makes. It was 15 degrees cooler and a LOT windier. So it made things a little rougher. Spa girl waved to me when she first got to work with her big smile. Yeah I like her.

I was happy to have my friend stop by. Especially MK Lady and daughter so the could meet Spa Girl and hopefully start a business relationship. She really liked her and wants updates. I had a few patients want to come in so I had to leave early and I told Spa girl I would stop by afterwards.

So I stopped by just to confirm when we would get together. She was like lets clean up your ears. So while talking I cut a trim, wash, and I have no idea what else. She just kept running her hands through my hair so I was like whatever. Anyway we got to talk a lot. She's going through her divorce still. Has a 19 year old daughter. Been a hairdresser for the same amount of time. Has lived in the area for about a year and hasn't really gotten out much. She's a great person to talk to and that smile is awesome. On the way out I asked about Monday she was going to give me her number then she took mine instead. So we'll see.

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sounds good Mike. Fingers crossed for this one.

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