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Here it is everyone so you can go to sleep for tomorrow's big day. It worked out well that I got out of pizza early so I could get freshened up before I met with Spa girl. Actually I was ready 30 minutes, but Spa girl needed the whole time so we got together at 8 like we said we would. She said she was very nervous as soon as she walked in my office. I told her I was nervous myself, but that meant it was important to me. She liked her flower that I had for her. So then we headed over to the sushi place.

We had a blast and it was only when I realized that the whole place was empty and the staff was cleaning did I realize they must be closed. It then dawned on me what the waitress had been doing a while earlier. Oh well I tipped her well for the time.

I was surprised that Spa girl asked if some of her things were deal breakers for me. It was nice. I also knew she was new to dating again and this was a rookie move, but it was nice to know that it was important for her to know. We talked and joked about a lot of stuff and really enjoyed each others company.

The best was when we got back to the office and we were talking about desserts. She was saying how she loved ice cream. So I had to ask what flavors.

Her: I love them all. (and started going thought the flavors) Vanilla is okay.
Me: Vanilla is just okay?
Her: I do like vanilla
Me: Just like?

Then it hit her and she started laughing hard. When you have the last name Vanella you got to have fun with people. Anyway I'm meeting her tomorrow to go to her family's Thanksgiving dinner. We made plans to roller blade and go to some comedy events which will be fun.

Oh yeah I finally got to kiss her. It was just a smooch, but it was nice. I was happy to have felt her lips.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Yea!! That is great.

Have a great Thanksgiving!


Now yer goin' rollerblading together?! Yer one step away from marriage, my friend. ;-)

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