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Sane Friends


Well I had a rough night last night. I was too warm since it was in the upper 70's today and I still had all my stuff on my bed. So when I woke up to cool off I cooled off too much and I was awake. It took a long while to fall back to sleep and when I did Port girl who I thought would be in Conn. decided to move stuff out of her room between 6-8 am. So a little tired today.

On the good note I was happy to find Starbucks open so I could get something to drink and relax. Then it was off to my Mom's to visit her.

During the morning Spa girl kept calling me to update times when we getting together. It kept getting pushed back so I went to the office a decorated it for the holidays.

One thing that always comes to mind when I see Spa girl is wow she is gorgeous. She wasn't nervous today and I was okay with meeting her family. I got to meet her mom, sister, BIL, SIL, and nephew. It was a fun day and a long time since I had thanksgiving with many people. I got to play with the dog and hold the baby for a long time both of which were fun.

During the events Spa girl and I talked. I sort of got the friends speech. She needed a friend now since she doesn't know about a relationship at this time. I wasn't super happy to hear, but I kind of knew it. I still got a lot of hugs and a smooch at the end of the night. We plan on getting together on Sunday to hit the art museum.

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Happy Thanksgiving!
Well, friends are good to have too. Having someone to go to the museum with is always a benefit. Enjoy!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Sounds like she is pretty fresh from the divorce. I' bet you end up being a friend with benefits.. hee hee.


That is too bad about Spa Girl, Mike. If you truly have feelings for her (want a romantic relationship), then RUN. She will break your heart as a 'friend' and it won't change - trust me on this one. It'll just be a torment to you why you think this gorgeous girl doesn't appreciate you...
Hope you don't mind me being so blunt - it's codependent of me to want to protect you, I know...

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