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Sane Friends

That's Odd

Spa girl called me before I left the office to tell me how it went at the doctor's. She said that she had torn a muscle in her shoulder and gave her some medication. I explained a few things to her about it and offered if she wanted to stop by tomorrow I would take a look at it for her.

She then said we would have to celebrate my birthday another night. ??????????? I didn't know we were celebrating tonight? Glad I'm in the loop. This seems to be getting weirder by the day. Friend status might be pushing it here. The witness protection program is looking pretty good about now.

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Good Tuesday morning Mike !

Everything Spa Girl does just makes me want to smack her.
I think you'll burn out on it before she burns you too much...

I wish I knew someone darling for you with her head on straight.

I'll send good wishes and prayer requests to the Universe that she walks in through your office door... just to ask directions or something, so that there isn't any ethical dating-patient issues :)

Loving Annie


Augh!!! I'm starting to get creeped out "Basic Instinct" "The Hand that Rocks the Cradle" "Fatal Attraction" kind of vibes here...and I'm a loooong ways away.

Run dude.. run as fast as you can before she boils your bunny or something.

Oh...and when you are "just friends" you go dutch damn it.. there is no more "the guy pays for it" bullshit. I'm just sayin.....


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