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Thursday Thoughts

Well I grabbed a little blank card and left a note for Spa girl on her car (hope it's hers) saying that I had enjoyed yesterday and hoped she would be free Sunday. I guess the truly weird thing about this relationship is I feel myself going slow. I'm usually Mr. Head or Feet first so this is different and that always feels weird. Even my daily reading topic today was taking it slow. LOL I'm in tune with the world.

Other than that not much. I got screwed out of my fortune cookie from the Chinese place. I really wanted my cookie, but I don't want it enough to go back and get one. It's just easier to bitch for a little while.

I have to admit it was surprisingly easily do redeem all my Starbucks download cards. I didn't realize I had so much of a stack. Especially when one of the guys this morning gave me some of the extras they had.

Okay I'm officially tired of working 2 jobs. Not that I don't like pizza, but rest would be so nice as would a normal life. It's not changing anytime soon, but I'm feeling it.

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