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Sane Friends

Halloween Salsa Style

I didn't see that they had put up the pics for Halloween.
I don't know who the Hamburgerler was. Carlos as the SAW puppet and me as Zorro.
Marquita as a cop and W Salsa girl as a pirate.
Keirsten as the nun.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

Looks like a great Halloween, Mike !

And in response to your comment, either Mark just wasn't physically attracted to me/the chemistry wasn't there enough for him when it came down to it -- or he has uh, issues, and that is part of why his wife cheated on him twice...

I don't know - I don't think he did any work on himself to change things...
all I know is that he chose not to keep things alive between us, and I let go as quickly and graciously as I could... and yes, I miss him, but it takes two - and unless he ever picks up the phone again because he feels the same way, it will just stay as is...

Hope your Thursday is going well.


Mmmmm.... W Salsa girl is a cutie :)


Looks like a fun crowd!


Now THAT is a fine ass Zorro! You can stick your sword in me any.time.

P.S. Ditto on Valyna's comment. Salsa Girl is fab! She is BottleBlonde approved.

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