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The Banana Incident

While staying at my friend Paul’s place it got me remembering. He has a coop and that is what we owned (as much as you can) when I was married. Anyway hanging there over the weekend I was reminded of the bizarre banana incident. I had totally forgotten about this strange shit. Now I have experienced and done many a strange things in my life. However this was just plain weird and started a running joke for a long time.

It was a normal day and my ex went to lay down for a nap as was usual. Anyway she calls me in the bedroom I would have liked it to have been for sex, but I had better odds on winning lotto without buying a ticket. When I walk in she’s holding a half eaten banana. I give her the raise eyebrow for why she is calling me in to show me a banana. She says she found it next to her pillow. She then asks if it’s mine. I reply no and that I didn’t even by any bananas when I went shopping so there aren't even any in the house. She says it's not hers. So I begin looking around the house and nothing else is disturbed as far as I can tell.

So it looks like someone broke into our house, didn’t steal anything, just relaxed in our bed and ate a banana. WTF? We have a banana eating moron of a burglar running lose in the neighborhood? So in reviewing the usual suspects which is a list of one. We suspect it was out super. He had recently sent a letter around asking everyone for a copy of their keys so he would be able to let anyone in if there was an emergency.

Yeah like that was going to happen. Here you go pal. I don't like you already, but hey here's the keys to my place that you can rummage through during the day and leave half eaten fruit laying around. At least clean up after yourself you fuckin' slob. Well that was my belief and I'm stickin' to it.

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Sounds like a good story!

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