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Sane Friends


What I have learned over the years is that you never remove anything without putting some thing healthy in its place. I was going to let pizza choose my days that I worked then I realized I was being nuts. So I choose Wed and Fri so I could still have my weekends free and schedule patients. So I've opened the office later the other 3 nights since more people want to come in later. If I can fill these it will more than pay for not doing pizza. I can barely take doing it anymore. The biggest thing is the time to money ratio of both businesses. The other is being tired, wear and tear on the car, and always the threat of being jumped.

Talking to the MT today during my massage and she has decided not to move. Well this kind of changes my plans to open my extra room for a massage therapist. She still might move out of the park though so their is a chance. So I'm left wondering how to make that room make me money. A second treatment room doesn't really do it for me. I am thinking about just making it an office so all the paperwork is not out in front. I don't have to do anything today so it will take some thought.

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What kind of patients do you have?


That's a good idea, Mike. I'd keep the paperwork in a different room, too.

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