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I'm Back

Whew, I made it back. I left and hour or so earlier than I planned tonight since Eric had bad dreams fro half the night last night. He slept through them, but I was awake. Theirs something wrong there. Anyway it was a really fun trip and it was a relief to be relaxed going up. I awoke early on Friday so I left early and I liked being up there early. Let's me relax instead of just running up and getting him which makes me feel like on a treadmill.

Eric was very excited to give me my birthday present. It was the Human Torch from the Fantastic Four. He must have gave it some thought since I remember him asking me the question the last time we saw each other.

So Friday night we went over self defense and some boxing for him. I was impressed he didn't have many bad habits to break. Just thumb inside his fist and telegraphing. He picked it up fast. I can tell 9 is right around the corner cause he's all physical now. We wrestled and fought most of the weekend.

Biking also went well. Teaching him the basics he was riding on his own Saturday. Then on Sunday I had him start by himself and we ended after he learned to turn himself. He was very happy and I was very proud.

The Children's museum was really fun this time and we spent like 4 hours there before heading over to TGIF's for dinner which seems to be our new dinner hang out. I need to find another Sunday event. The Aviation museum just doesn't cut it. $17 for an hour is way too much. There is just too little interactive stuff for us to do and we've seen the displays enough times to be tour guides.

The Ex was giving me compliments about my business bumper sticker and I support Rock n Roll ribbon. I said some words in response, but I really felt like saying WTF? For me it's an old snare of hey every thing's okay. Then I'd get the shot on the other cheek. I know nothing has changed for her and until I see something tangible I don't trust her.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

sounds like a positive trip... good times with your son. welcome back.


Your boy is lovely. Glad you spent some quality time together. He will remember these times, later.


I saw the beach! After that, everything's a blur, because I'm so jealous about the beach.

(Your son is adorable, though. They're so cute at that age.)


It sounds like a great trip! It is so nice that you were able to spend time together and experience new things - the bike etc!

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