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Sane Friends

Wednesday at Starbucks with Spa Girl

Well I stopped over at the spa to say hi to Spa girl. She asked about coffee and we tried to find a day and today worked. So we walked around the corner to Farm Fresh. They have one inside and it's the best place to pick up download cards since their traffic is low. She's a big coffee drinker and a regular there I found out.

So we got to talk about many things. Mostly marriage. Hers was way more abusive then mine and she is in the place I was 2-3 years ago. I did find out I'm year older than she is which I wasn't quite sure. We talked about many things. Life in general to furniture. It was a nice conversation and nice to be on a date with someone in my age category. I suggested we go see the interior design show Sunday since she really likes that stuff and my friend wanted me to come and see her work. We hugged at the end, but it was a little awkward since it was in the spa with people around.

I like her, but I am not head over heels since I know she isn't in the right place. However I know if she warmed more so would I. Not that she wasn't warm during out talk it's just she is moving slow and totally understand it.

Other than that my lecture at the law firm worked out very well. I believe I scored some patients from it and another lecture at their other office.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

You have been the victim of a drive by "kitty" sighting!


p.s. mmmmmm....Starbucks... you speak the language of kitties! ;)


I would be moving slow too if I were her.

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