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Sane Friends

Well That's Over

Well 6 weeks of work came to an end today with our visitor's day at my business group. We had a excellent turn out and many new people wanting to join. That will be the next phase of the work reviewing and interviewing the applicants. However it was very satisfying since it had become my baby and it was nice to run smoothly.

It worked to my advantage last night that salsa was cancelled since it allowed me to get to sleep early since I really needed to be at my meeting early this morning. So tonight I'll pay my tuition for 6 weeks to really learn all the basics.

Lastly the blood has finally returned to my brain and I'll hold off on having Spa girl come to the office until we go out. It's such a boundary with me not to date patients. For me to do my job right I have to be doctor and I need information and other stuff to do my job well and not to short change the patient. The reason these lines aren't crossed is that there is a power relationship going on. I have it you don't and that is no way to start a relationship. However I will stop over there tomorrow to say hello.

Now I need to gear myself up to do a presentation at a law firm tomorrow.

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