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It' a Official

Okay it's official I must really like Spa girl. I just let her pluck out my ear hair. I never let my ex do that since I hate having hair plucked. Why cause it freakin' hurts. However I let her do both ears after she cleaned my hair up. This could be really nice. She can come over for adjustments and I can get my hair cleaned up. Never knew how nice it could feel. Also Spa girl confirmed for me that my hair is growing really fast. It has been since I've been living down here. She said it must be all the stress free living which is so true. Not being with my ex dropped so much stress out of my life it's like day and night.

Hey and the phone just keeps on ringing. People want to come in. I'm loving life here.

Oh yeah since I was over with Spa girl I nailed her down for a date and we're going for sushi tomorrow for lunch. Very cool.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Ick...ick..ick.. sorry Mike.. but you guys haven't even slept together and she's plucking your ear hairs?? ewwww..... Dude, that's right up their with her squeezing your blackheads or trimming your nose hair.

There should be a minimum level of intimacy before these things should ever even be DISCUSSED, much less actually ACTED UPON. yuck! :P

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