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Sunday in Review

Well I do want to thank everyone for their views on my decision on Spa Girl. While I know the choice is right I usually get somewhat anxious after making it. Also the benefit from hearing from so many is different aspects I hadn't really thought of or clarifying my own thoughts. So I seem to have no trouble finding women or them finding me in the last few cases. So no worries and no rush.

Since the time change I've been getting up at 5:30 then falling back to sleep a couple of hours later which really suck during the work week. I thought I was over it when I slept well Friday night, but I was back on schedule last night. So I finished watching the 40 Year Old Virgin which was great and vacuuming. When I finally did get back up half the day was gone. So I ran a few errands before stopping at Starbucks to read.

I had to groan when I walked in there. Three of the four soft chairs were taken and the one that was open was next to Yellow Tooth (hey he has this one front tooth that is yellow). Yellow tooth is nuts and I try my damnest to stay away from him since he likes to talk. However I hate reading in the wooden chairs. Hey I have a sensitive butt. So I made the decision to sit next to Yellow Tooth with the hopes of him finding some other victim. No such luck although it did take him awhile. He wanted my input on his career choice and moving to Fairfax or Raleigh. Now I would love to give this low grade moron some misinformation, but really believe he would use it and I didn't want that on my conscience. So in a nice way I conveyed that I didn't give a shit what the hell he did and went back to my book. Hey I didn't pay $4.48 for a latte to talk to Yellow Tooth. So after a while he put his sights on the two other guys in the soft chair across the room. Yes their is no escape from Yellow Tooth.

While he was still talking to them which must have been like 20 minutes. I headed out to the office to continue cleaning out my storage room. It's amazing when you haven't used stuff in 2-3 years that it is so easy to get rid off. Slowly but surely I'll have that room nice and trim. I was also able to extract some holiday decorations for my room.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Good Monday morning to you, Mike.
The yellow tooth's of the world are sad cases, usually lonely and very clingy out of need.
I tend to politely say I have a headache and am not in the mood to talk.

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