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Well It's Really Official

Well I'm officially in my forties today. Yes I'm 41 not that I really care. I friend asked that the other day and I was like whatever. Since I've been on my own the past few years the birthday hasn't been that big. I guess with no one to really celebrate with it does lose some of its luster.

I was hoping to break a record today which would have been a nice present. Well my first patient rescheduled. However 3 others wanted to come in. So that puts me past it with some to spare. Now I just have to wait.

Well I'm going to go out dancing tonight to celebrate my birthday. I haven't been able to make Monday nights for the last 2 weeks so it will be good to get back. Also I know many people there so it will be nice. I bought myself the first half of my presents for myself yesterday. I got Teen Titans season 4 and the new Futurama book since I'm a huge fan. I'll buy the new movie when it comes out tomorrow to finish up the presents. Hey got to be good to myself.

5 people had cathartic therapy:

Happy Birthday, sweetie! I'd give you 41 spankings if I were there. ;-)


Well, happy birthday!!

You'll love your 40s! That's when you can really call yourself a grown up. :-)



Hope you got spoilt and had a wonderful day



Happy Birthday Old Man! Is that the grim reaper I see looming over your shoulder? ha..ha..ha..

Nah... you aren't old.. nobody who is on the go as much as you, who does as much as you and who has as much fun as you, could ever be old. :)

Hope it was a happy one!


Happy Birthday!!!!
Enjoy and I hope you break that record this week!

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