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Sane Friends


I've been feeling in a funk the last few days and I don't know why. Actually I think it is the by product of the time change. I'm getting up an hour early all week and I think it's adding up. While I'm not exhausted I feel tired. Both mornings over the weekend I got up early and after a few hours went back to bed for some more sleep. However during the week it's a different story. Although I almost made it to 8 this morning so I'm getting there.

I spent most of yesterday working on office stuff. Most everything I want to do with the office I typed up in my polices a while ago. Guess I'm not following it. So I made the effort yesterday to bring myself up to speed. I need to get beyond survival mode although I have to admit that my work reflects my life. I've spent most of my life in survival mode. Scraping by on all aspects. I grew up on a penny and to have a nickel now is like great. However in the real scheme of things it's still not living. So my new goal as in other aspects of my life is to go beyond mere survival.

All this brings me back to Spa girl. No matter how much a may like her I need to keep in perspective what she can bring to the relationship. It's too easy for me to accept that nickel instead wanting a dollar bill. Time will tell.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

It's so hard when you are alone not to settle out of loneliness.
It's easy for me to say hold out for what you want - and I know hw hard it is to have high standards and then have nothing for a long time, not knowing if the right one will come along or not...
I think you have a lot to offer. If she hurts or neglects you more than makes you happy, I'd say regardless you are better off without her.

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