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Sane Friends

The Sky is Falling

That's what happens when you live under oak trees when there is a wind storm. I was pleasantly surprised to make it into the house with not being hit as everything around me was being pummelled.

Bizarre night at pizza. I got to deliver 3 free pizzas. THREE. That means not tip plus I got stiffed twice so I was soo happy tonight. It seem to spread as on driver got fired and the new assistant manager was having a mental breakdown. It's funny, people want to be managers. The funnier thing is that they don't know manager is another name for babysitter. So when all the employees are throwing fits and tantrums they look so confused. Like I'm suppose to be making good money and running the store not dealing with every one's problems. ROFLMAO! I find this hilarious cause everyone always ask when am I going to hire staff. Well besides being the number one biggest expense, having staff is just another work for day care. I don't want to pay to take care of some one's kids. I've done it before with someone else's money and it was a big pain in the ass. I'll survive just fine on my own.

In talking with my brother today about out kids he stated it was unfair that our young kids have to worry about getting jumped so young. I had told him the story of Eric getting jumped. He told me about my niece Lucy who is 3 getting screamed at by another boy who threatened to spit on her. I don't think he has been in the loop for a while. I knew problems have been getting younger and younger. During the 90's it was down to kindergarten so I guess now it's in the preschools.

I was happy to hear that Eric had a fun Halloween. Although his friend got shaving creamed and another kid got hit by an egg. He asked me why kids did that and I didn't have an answer other than some kids like to hurt and scare others.

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