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Sane Friends


Early morning business meeting, long day at work, gym, and dancing the night away has made me tired. My brain is actually fuzzy. It was a good day and I so do not want to go to pizza tomorrow. With the office doing well I just don't want to work the hours for small pay. However I know December is a slow month for everyone except retail. So I worry. I'll keep it twice a week until the holidays are over and then make a decision.

Perceptions and reality are funny things. Talking to MT today and while I was mentioning I taught Eric some boxing she was like I didn't know you do that. She knew some of the list, but when I reviewed the boxing, Filipino stick fighting, Wing Chun, other kung fu styles, and some fencing. I was pretty impressed with myself. I have done a lot in a while, but it's all still stored up in my brain. I forget life has been full.

The other is women. As many of my friends point out I seem to have no trouble finding women even though it never feels that way. Although I talk about many of the women I go out with or try to. There is always a slew of them that for some reason or another never work out. Take a women at the bar tonight during salsa. We were doing a complicated move so my attention was on that. However I looked up and this women is giving me the eye with a big smile. The litmus test on her was pretty neutral which was strange and rare. So I went back to dancing figuring I could figure it out afterwards, but she left. No biggie. I guess my old like of being young and nervous to ask women out hasn't fully moved up to the present.

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