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Yes This Again

This is totally my problem with Spa girl. She is so damn attractive. While a deeper relationship has left my mind, sex is still there. Although I know you don't sleep with the crazy lady if you don't want a relationship. Truth be told it's not my style either so I know I'm not in good waters. So I know if I keep talking (blogging) about it the less chance I have of doing anything.

Well I finally got Christmas cards done and out today. 59 went out today and I know I'll have a few more as more new patients come in. However I'm happy to have than done with.

The biggest hurdle I seem to be dealing with now is having a "normal" life. Worked very hard over the last 7 years to get to this point where most things in my life are calm and the extreme dramas of the past are gone. However I feel sort of empty without it. The constant pressure has been lifted and I feel its absence and I don't know what to make of it. I know gratitude for having these calm days would help, but I am still stuck on where's the shit?

3 people had cathartic therapy:

There is something to be said about learning to deal with stress and change - there is something to be said about learning to love life without it too! I am not good at the latter as I love change and events and all that. But I have had to accept life without it and find the treasures and such within the calm.

There is a season for everything - enjoy the calm and lack of drama while it lasts. Appreciate it for what it is worth.


ha..ha..ha... I KNEW that picture was totally for you! :)


As my fave bald man says: 'Never stick your dick in a crazy chick'. ha..ha.ha..


SpaGirl is the shit, Mike...

It is a test of sorts when you've cleaned your life up and gotten rid of the drama and have calmness where once there was chaos and self-destructiveness...

Being grateful for things working smoothly is really important to focus on...

Where the void is, the excitement thing - well, you can see it working with Spa Girl - if you want to 'do' her, you'll have all the drama you are missing right now.

Decisions, decisions :)

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