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Lay Down Saturday

It's nice to relax. I was reminding myself last night that my office makes me the money while pizza fills in the gaps. I fall into the trap of thinking of everything from the pizza view. Probably since it is cash in hand. However an extra patient everyday I work pizza would equal out the same. So I was able to set goals to start dropping the second job. When I get to 50 a month I can drop a day and when I pass 60 I can drop it all together. A lot of it comes down to giving what I know a patient needs and what they will pay for. This week I've stayed my course with what I think and surprisingly patients have followed my recommendations. This alone will push up my stats the rest will be getting the new patients in the office.

The rest of the day yesterday was good. What can I say knowing someone likes you just makes life better. The hug and the look on Spa girl's face when she left convinced me of that. I'll stop over later to give her a hair clip she dropped here yesterday. I also want to say for her to be careful with her trip to NC. Anything with her ex to me can be physically dangerous to me so I just want her to know I don't want anything to happen to her.

I finally got Heroes season one set from Ebay. I'm really enjoying it. Besides the comic book feel it's just nice an interwoven story really grabs you once you get into it.

I see that everyone likes W Salsa girl. I like her too and she's very attractive. However the 15-20 year age difference is the problem. While I get along with the twenty something crowd a connection just doesn't happen as I've seen with April and CPA girl.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Hope that Spa Girl is safe while she is in NC.
I'll keep my fingers crossed for that, and for you to be at 60 a week, so you can quit the second job --
Loving Annie

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