Going Sane in a Crazy World

My journey through life and the lessons I learn to help me grow spiritually.

Sane Friends

Men are from the West Coast & Women are from the East Coast

An interesting article showed were all the sexes are located at in the country. Women out number men on the east coast. In cities like NYC women outnumber men by 221,000. Hey I might have to move back there to get a date. It seems like a dream of women battling for the few men. While on the west coast like LA men outnumber women by 90,000. Where do you live?

Business Thoughts

I work in a crazy profession. Hey I'm the first to admit it. All professions probably have it, I just know mine. I guess like all businesses the thought process is how to separate people from their money. What's funny is that other chiropractors aren't immune to this. To keep our licences we need to take continuing education credits. While in theory this sounds like a good way to keep everyone informed and up to date with everything. However it has become big business with pretty lame information that any idiot comes up and throws a large price tag on it. The problem is we all need these classes. Let me tell you, more than half the time I would rather just hand them over the money and relax at home instead of hearing some idiot tell me about the brand new thing he discovered. It's like watching late night infomercials except for the price I should now own stock in the company.
The only thing worse than this our the classes that are expensive and don't count for crap. This brings me to my investigation into BRT. One of my new patients got great results from it and I know there are only like 3 practitioners in this state including the creator. For some reason he has created a new technique AST. Hey new name, more money. So for a paltry $1200 I to can learn this technique and help people to lose weight. While I believe many people need to lose weight to be healthier I don't see myself paying that much for it. Then charging the same amount for a person to go through the program.

I remember my old boss saying, "there's a thin gray line between a crook and a businessman."

The Reviews are In

My last patient informed me that my office is the most laid back office she has ever been in. I wasn't quite sure if she meant it as an insult or compliment. I said I was a laid back person and that I've done the quantity over quality before and I didn't enjoy it. She told me my patients enjoy it. I hope so. Every once in a while someone will say something specific, but mostly that it's nap time when they come in for treatment.

Since I've put dating on hold I've increased the Singles Events. Movies, Strawberry festival and a rotating restaurant event. Tomorrow I'll hopefully stop by and find a Happy Hour place for this month. It's nice to be getting all the great feedback. I wish I had more people helping me schedule events so that their would be more choices. Oh well only so much I can do.

TMI Tuesday

1. Early bird or night owl? Night owl. I hate to get up early. It's why I open the office at 10 so I can sleep till 8.
2. Where was the first place you ever had sex? My bed.
3. On a scale of 1-10, how happy are you? (1 is lowest, 10 is highest) I would say 7. If I was more financially stable I would jump it to a 9.
4. Are you more submissive or dominant? Dominant, nuff said.
5. Do you believe in love at first sight? No. I've learned that when I feel this way to run. You may laugh, but I know its just my unconscious trying to resolve unfinished business and it's picked the best person to do it with. It didn't work out when I was young so the same type of person still isn't going to work.
Bonus (as in optional): Describe your bed time habits. What side do you sleep on? Dead center, remember that dominant thing. What do you usual wear? Nothing. Any night time rituals? Prayers, review the day, about it.

6 Minutes

Being from Long Island, NY. The only natural disasters I'm use to are hurricanes which blow a few trees down and some coastal flooding. However usually it's pretty harmless except for that idiot that wants to stand on the beach and watch it come ashore.
So it was pretty interesting to have a tornado come storming through the area yesterday only about 20 miles away. In 6 minutes it leveled almost two towns. There were other small ones that blew out windows throughout the area. It is unusual for the area. While we have plenty of waterspouts and really week twisters (F0) that know a few branches down and make for a good news story and picture. A F3-4 tornado doesn't really happen here. So everyone is all a flutter in the area.

Well I had no response back from the massage therapist that wanted the room. It's funny she's the one that said she wanted it instead of saying she was interested in it. Like dating I just shake my head.

On a very weird note. The gas station around the corner is selling gas for 2.99/gallon. The line is around the block. Probably waste more gas waiting.

Time Out

I think I'm taking a break from dating for a while or at least till have some more money in my pocket. Actually with all the bad happenings of late I'm becoming pessimistic with it all. I'm okay with rejection since it goes with the territory of being a guy. What's getting to me are the lies. "I'll call" or "I'm separated" have the top 2 positions. So I find myself already saying in my head "yeah sure" when I'm told I will be contacted. Even with the massage therapist that wants to sublease from me. I'm going to call her today since I haven't heard back from her. In my head I'm already saying she's going to screw me on this and not call or come. This is not the way to date.

So I'll keep the Singles events going strong in the meantime. The Funny Bone event last night was the best show I ever saw there and everyone had a great time. Everyone wants to do it every week. If I can get free tickets I'll do it as often as possible.

Gimme Three Steps Mister

So after Happy Hour I dropped the Stylist by her car since she was in a different garage a few blocks away. Don't want anything to happen to anyone. She's a fun person and I'll always be happy to see her, but she's not a match for me.

When I got on the highway I called Red to see how she was doing since I knew she had a busy day and had a wedding to go to Saturday. She invited me over to a friend's house. A small party was going on and I got to meet a lot of interesting people. It was nice to have a woman on my arm again.

Then I got my ticket to the Twilight Zone. Red turned on the heat sexually and I wasn't complaining since it's been a year since I broke up with L. However I was never a one night stand type of guy. So while some kissing and groping in the corners was fun I really need an emotional connection for it to do anything for me. It's just the way I am. I guess I can't change certain parts of me.

So anyway like I said I met many interesting people throughout the night. One was this guy that Red who joke with or make snide remarks at. Whatever. Anyway he leaves and they have words over by the door. She comes back and plops next to me to tell me that was her husband. WTF! Let me say that again. WTF!

Red goes on to tell me they're separated and live in separate bedrooms. Okay how the fuck do I get out of her without being shot. I think I need a break from dating for a while.

Happy Hour

Blackfinns turned out to be a very nice place, right on the Elizabeth river. They had RSVP'd two tables for us and appetizers. I had wrist bands and name tags for everyone.
As always people dribbled in over the first hour. Some old faces and many new which was good. When conversation slowed I would whip the camera out to take pictures.
Later in the evening we went out on their patio to hang out. The weather was perfect for it. I didn't have to do much work once enough people got there.
It's amazing to see the introverts and the extroverts in the group and see I'm in the latter. A few people scooted out without saying goodbye. Overall it was a great event and everyone had fun. 16 people came and I got to play host. So I think this will have to be a monthly event since afterwards a lot of people started to RSVPing for stuff.

Dating Playbill

I was talking to a friend yesterday and they asked how dating was going. ROFLMAO! So I had to write out the list to make sure I didn't forget anyone. So I figured I'd post it here with 2 new ones. Hey you need to keep up.

Charming - we emailed, talked, know each other from the singles group. We plan to go out. 3 hours before hand she text me that her son is sick and cancels. She tells me she will call me later. Nothing.

Tax Girl - CPA very hyped to go out, but no way she can find the time before the 15th. Understood since I have friends that are CPA's and I know there going crazy. After the 15th - nothing.

Army Girl - explosives expert in the army. Yes I know I can pick them. We've been using ever form of communication for about a week and half now. However like Army girl will say a lot. Army life kills her relationships. We still haven't been able together since her schedule has been so erratic.

Stylist - I met at one of my single's events. I was more focused on Charming to really feel her out. She emailed me and we chatted a little. However I got to talk to her last night somewhat. Attractive, but I don't think it's a match.

VP - VP of the biggest east coast shipping co. We talked a little while and I mean a few minutes before she asked for my email address and sent me explicit pictures of herself. I joked about having to tie her up to be good. She made a comment about not being that type of girl and that was that. LMAO it was like a comedy show.

Sweet - just started talking to and we'll see how it goes. She had to run and we never finished talking. Maybe today.

Red - We chatted some last night. She hoped we could get together tonight, but I have Happy Hour. She has a wedding tomorrow so we're getting together Sunday. OMG an actual date.

So that was my last 2 weeks.

I Love it When a Plan Comes Together

Game night was a big success. Pretty much everyone came that said they would so that was 16 people. We used every wooden chair up in Starbucks. Charming didn't show. I got to meet a lot of great new people and see old friends. The Florist showed up in here usual breasts hanging out outfit. I swear she has a closet full of these tops, but hey I guess it is a singles event. I was looking forward to seeing the Stylist. I met her at comedy improv, but I was focused more on Charming. So I got to know her a little better last night. She's attractive, but I don't think a match. Anyway the night was so awesome we decided to so it twice a month. One person offered their house so that should make it better.

So we played Scruples, Blurt. and What's Mind Like. All fun games. The games really helped give flavor to everyone to see what their like. Mazda would probably sell his mother to cannibals for $2, I have little shame and have sex in strange places, etc.

I started talking to the VP yesterday. Yes you do need a playbill to keep up. After a few minutes she sent me some very explicit pictures of herself (Hey I wasn't complaining). I made some comment about tying her up to keep her good. For some reason she took offense at that. Like Woody Allen said, "how could I miss read those signs?"

Hard, but Not Rock Hard

Talking to friends about dating and the mysterious no call back. It's hard not to become jaded. On the hand I try not to laugh at women who after one bad event are writing dating completely off. I'm a guy and rejection is a daily thing. You do things to lessen it happening, but it does. Not everyone is a match even though you desire it. I just wish people would be more honest with it. The best example was years ago after I got divorced I was watching TV and I still had cable an a reality show was on. In those days I'd watch anything to pass the time. Anyway it was a dating reality show and I remember this woman saying she wasn't into this guy who she dated and kept calling. She just didn't want to call him back and hoped he would get the message. Lady you just told all of America about it. I think it would have been easier to tell him.
Anyway what the hell was my point? Oh yeah Army girl. We're still trying to get together. However every time she says it will be this week, I'm starting to hear in the back of my mind, "yeah right." I don't want to go there. I know her schedule has been topsy turvy for over a week now. Army life so I know it's logistics problem at the moment. I guess so many blow offs and no return calls in the last week have harden me somewhat.

Well I have to big Singles events this week. Game night which is really growing fast is tonight. Charming signed up for it. Now it will be interesting if she shows up and if she'll say anything about blowing me off last week. Friday is the start of our Happy Hours series and it looks like our biggest turn out yet. I'm pretty proud. Now hopefully everyone shows up.

Offering Up a Prayer

I wasn't expecting to talk to Army girl last night. We had IM'ed earlier and she had to get up at 3 am. Yuck! Such is army life. Anyway what was really interesting is that for my other blog. I have a lot of different accounts so I can gather information. Anyway Army girl and I started talking in there also. It was pretty funny and we both wondered if it was a sign. So we ended up talking for over an hour last night. It's weird to be talking to someone about relationships and life when you haven't met. She's a very nice person and its' funny because she thinks all that she is done is normal, but it's above and beyond the normal. We ended up talking about her being 30 next week and me 41. Army girl likes older men just because we aren't looking to have kids and more settled in life. I like her because she hasn't become jaded in life yet. So I'm hoping their is chemistry when we meet up later in the week.

On the other hand I can see how people become so jaded on the online sites. 3-4 women who said they have wanted to get together have not panned out. I catch myself now when someone says it that I'll believe it when it happens.

Street Legal

I see that Emma Watson has only been 18 for a for days, but I see she is heading down the same street of other famous women like Britney, Paris, and Lindsey. When you turn 18 you get more benefits: drinking, voting, and having your hoo hoo (love that word) plastered across the planet.


Just perusing the new Entertainment Weekly and looking at the summer movie schedule. Wow I haven't wanted to see so many movies in a long time. Ironman, Speed Racer, Batman, Hell Boy, Star Wars, and Kung Fu Panda. Hey what can I say I like a good martial arts movie on that last one. Sex and the City and Indiana Jones I want to be excited, but I'm leery. The X-Files movie is like WTH? How long has it been and who still cares?

That Was Easy

Well I got a massage therapist for the office. First one I met with. I had met her at She's house warming party where she was doing chair massages. She says she does about 15 sessions a week. Hey if she can do that I'll just stay with her. Now I just have to wait till May 1st for her to start.

Okay where is the economic stimulus for everyone because the brakes just slammed here at the office. Like WTF? I have no new patients coming in and my old ones are getting all better. Damn I'm too good. It's raining here today. Maybe I need to go next door and buy some oil and pour it out over the street. Then I just need to wait and hand out cards.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

It was nice to hear Army girl say tonight that she really wanted to meet me. I really didn't think it was going to happen. When I texted her tonight to see if she was free to talk she responded with a "why?" I told her to hear her voice and to see how her day went. When we talked she said some weird guy had asked her out and she doesn't know when someone is flirting with her. So we talked about that for a while. Also she asked about do older people (I guess me) like to date younger women (here) because older people are bitter. I told her their younger people were less jaded, but most younger people wanted kids still. I told her if you found a young person didn't want kids that wasn't jaded you had a prize. She reminded me she didn't want kids. So Army girl said she'll give me a call tomorrow to set a date. This is my busy week with all my Singles events going on.

Are We Dating?

Army girl and I are communicating quite frequently. She texted me yesterday after she got stopped by a State Trooper and all the things that happened which was like a scene from the Twilight Zone. Later she called and we talked for another 45 minutes like the night before. At least once during the conversation she has to ask me to stop laughing so much. I can't help it. She's a hoot. Every once in a while she'll blurt something sexual out. Most of the time I don't rise to the bait. If we've been out a few time maybe, but we haven't even met face to face yet. I always feel like it is a test to see what we are after. She asked if we would talk today and I said yes.

I texted her earlier wishing her a fun day since it is raining and I know she still has her niece and nephew there. We'll talk again later. I'm always worried about this. What me worry? In the past when I've talked to women in close proximity for a while we never get together. While I know this allows us to get to know one another. There still could be no chemistry. So we'll see.


I got up this morning already to hike. Got dressed and since I had extra time I went online to see that Walking girl had cancelled the hike. There was another Mike who she thought was me who said he couldn't make it. I was bummed and asked since I was still game did she want to go. She was all for it and we actually got 2 others to join in.

Walk girl was attractive and she had used a older picture of herself, but it was great to meet her. With a few problems finding everyone we were out on the trails. We had a great day for it. I was hoping to get a picture of a woodpecker whacking a tree, but he took off before I could grab a shot. I did get some of the turtles sunning themselves. There was no snakes, but a lot of interesting bird calls that we could never find the source of. We crossed bridges over the water with cyress trees cover in Spanish moss, passed Indian burial grounds, and just peaceful areas deep in the woods.
I had made the mistake of thinking Walk girl was walking at 6 am during the week, but it was pm instead. So not this week, but the following I will try to get out to walk in the great weather. Next week we're shooting for a beach walk.

Afterwards we hit Subways for food and drinks after our 5 mile hike. Walk girl said she would come to my Happy Hour event Friday so I can talk more to her then.

The Phone Call

I knew Army girl had her niece and nephew this weekend. So I texted her to find out when she would be free. We did this back and forth as she had problems getting them bathed. It was nice to finally talk to her. Army girl think she's crazy, I think she is refreshing. She has a blurting problem and says what she thinks without any speed bumps. I'm usually laughing most of the time we communicate. She has to keep telling me to stop laughing. I have to admit she has a very colorful background. It's not abusive like mine, but growing up on a hippie compound must have been an experience. So we'll talk more when she gets back. She's on night duty till Thursday so I'm hoping next weekend we can get together. I tell you it will be interesting to date a woman with bigger feet than me.

The Little Engine that Could

Well at the end of this week Army girl is the only one still around. No responses from the other two. I tried dating this woman Dawn a few years back. We talked and IM'ed a lot, but could never get together. Something always came up or she forgot or something. One of my female friends said that a some women just want the attention. Who knows?

Anyway Army girl is now on night duty. How that happened I'll find out later since she gave me her number to call her. She's a good family person and seems surprised when I give her praise for it. She doesn't realize how many families do nothing for each other. I think a few of you hinted that the one I might discount may turn out to be the diamond in the rough.

Other than that I have my first interview Monday for a massage therapist for the office. I need this to get up and going to help give some influx of money into the office with the economy the way it is.

Show Me the Money

Since half the money I make each week comes from the insurance companies. I'm always on the lookout for checks. Especially when they have been missing as of late. So in checking to see what's going on I find out they don't have them. WTF? I always love the get rid of this envelope trick. Yes it is true. I went to school with a guy from the industry and he said he was trained to loss a certain amount. The acceptable loss most likely. Bastards.

Last nights social with everyone was a blast. The general complaint was that more people didn't come. Hopefully next time we'll do a weekend BBQ. It was a good time and a way to get to know everyone better with some good food. Also our waitress was hot.

Tomorrow I'm going hiking. I joined the group because the woman running it is really attractive. This is how I started with salsa. So far it looks like just the 2 of us. Hopefully she's a nice person or I'll have to lose her ass out in the woods.

The Room, She is a Done

After a long week of packing, moving, and cleaning the room is finished and ready for a massage therapist. I have a headache at the moment from the paint fumes. I touched up the whole office since it was never done when MT and I exchanged offices. It really needed it. So in looking at the room I am impressed with all the work I did and hey I have a better table to sleep on if need be. Theirs probably a few other touches I could put in the room to make it more cozier. The pictures work and I left a wooden dresser in their to make it look more homey.

As usual it is a slow Thursday and so far a week of no insurance checks. WTF! I get stuff each week. It might be small, but at least something. Money is needed and I may need to break some legs to get some.

My Landlord has been gone this week and the roommate has been gone to. She left a note this morning apologizing for not being around. Hey be gone more often is my motto. I got to pull out the air guitar last night and blast some music. It was great. I haven't done it in months.

Tonight is my business social. Little sad to hear that a lot of the group is not coming, but it should be a great time. Food and drinks at Keagan's and I can keep my eye open for the after work crowd hanging out there.

Feel Like I'm Playing the Stock Market

Well Charming never called last night. I would say she was busy with her son, but she was on Match. Who the hell knows? I run all the singles events, so we're going to run into each to other. So either say no or go out and say theirs no chemistry. Weird.

Also no reply from Tax girl either. I so love dating. Anyway in usual Mike fashion I started talking to someone else. She's going away for the weekend so we'll talk again next week. I knew Army girl was working last night so I didn't expect to talk to her. Hopefully tonight.

Failure to Launch

I texted Charming this morning telling I was looking froward to seeing her tonight. I just got a return text with her cancelling tonight. Her son just got home from school sick. She apologized and told me she would call me later.
On other notes I hate when I make a mistake that prevents me from getting paid. Today I got a EOB (explanation of benefits) on a patient. When I submitted for authorization I accidentally put a 3 instead of a 2. This then entailed a 20 minute call to India with a lot of holding and me going, "what did you say?" At least I got an answer and it will take time, but payment will be mine.

Now they may be saying that their is no recession (yes I know the definition), but it still doesn't change the fact that things are slowing down big time out there. While my patients are still coming in, new ones are coming in to replace the ones getting better. Oye.


I want to thank everyone for their views on my little experiment. It gave me a lot to think on and about why I do the things I do. Over the past 8 years I've come to realize that it doesn't matter what I do, but the motivation behind it that defines me.

I get a lot of compliments on my kissing ability. It's always been a surprise to me. My answer that I give when I'm asked is that the thoughts and intentions of my heart are behind it. I'm always working towards the best situation and I take the relationship as far it will go.

So back to my little experiment. I'm never into it just for a fun time or booty call. Something special is what I'm always looking for. It's what guides all my actions while I'm in a relationship and all the women I've been out with have enjoyed that.

Over the years I've heard and read enough about keeping women on a string like pearls. When one doesn't work the next is right behind her so that it keeps the anxiety level down. Going out with Spa girl I lost most of my insane anxiety. Anything that is left is normal. If I felt nothing then I know that I don't really care which is never a good place to start a relationship.

So I have my date with Charming tonight and I'll see how it goes. I left it off with Tax girl to contact me when she was free. So I don't have to do anything until I've gone out with Charming. I will not write Tax girl off to soon. I've done that in the past and that didn't work out well for me. So I'll keep making adjustments as more information comes in. All the way down on the scale is Army girl. She was the one from left field that would just be fun. Not holding my breath, but she is my last choice since I know it would be a limited relationship.

An Experiment

Ginormous Boobs wants me to burst my envelope and break my linear dating. I know my friend Paul had said that this is new direction is a good thing. So I'm asking you, my other two readers what you think? Stay linear or branch out? I would put a poll here, but I can only do it on the sidebar and I don't want that. So speak your mind and mind your manners.

TMI Tuesday

1. Did you have to pay or did you get money back? Pay :(

2. What was your biggest financial mistake? Letting my ex wife stay home from work instead of paying off my student loans

3. Are you a screamer? Nope, not even a yeller.

4. What part of your body, other than your genitals, do you love to have touched? I love my neck to be kissed and nibbled on. What part of a partner's body, other than their genitals, do you love to touch? Women’s hair, I love it.

5. What catch phrase best describes your life? I haven't a clue so how about "Shit happens."

Bonus (as in optional): What was the last thing you took without permission? Cut in front of a guy on the Interstate a little while ago. Does that count? What was the last thing taken from you without your permission? IRS taking my hard earned money. Bastards!

Linear Dating

The dating I'm doing this week is pushing the edges of my envelope. My fear is that I'll like more than one of them and have to choose. I guess it's bullshit I'm going to hurt someone since their not good enough. Bear with me I'm thinking as I write. I have to admit that having to choose between fillet migon and lobster is much better than having no choice at all. It's a stumbling block that has plagued me my whole dating life. However I think I just broke it.

One Down, Two to Go

Well Charming and I got to talk tonight. Like she mentioned she is shy when it is one on one instead of the outgoing person she is in a group. It was a nice conversation, occasionally interrupted by her kids. I made a few jokes, especially with her living in another country being out in Suffolk. However she explained to me where she is which isn't to far. Why they call it the northern part is beyond me, I would say the eastern section. Oh well. Anyway we're set for the Baker's Crust Wednesday night.

Being a doctor, I've realized that perception is everything. So when Charming said how about later in the evening, I had to ask when would that be. She was like 6:30 and I'm thinking 8. Her time is better for me since I can shoot right over after work.

Since I've already met Charming she is on the top of my list. I would say Tax girl is next. Army girl I know is just for fun. She was too shocked to learn that I was married for 10 years. Our lives are too different, but we joke around so much I think it would be a blast to have drinks together.

Blowing My Mind

I'm the serial monogamous dater. One person at time, that being once I'm in pursuit of a woman I stop trying with others to I know what's going on. So this is weird and new territory to me. Tax girl said contact her Wednesday, Charming said call her later, and I just finished talking with Army girl who was busy tonight but swore that we would get together later in the week. When did this all happen? Yeah I know it's a real problem. Thanks for playing that tiny violin.

Tale of 3 Women

At times I may complain on problems meeting someone which usually gets me many jokes from my friends. They usually point out that I meet women and go out on a pretty regular basis for the amount of energy I put into it. So after this weekend I can't say anything for a while.

1) Tax girl - still waiting for the 16th to come around for her to have free time. I like her since she is like me, analytical with a artistic streak.

2) Army girl - you know I never met someone that didn't appear that drunk, but totally didn't know who I was the next day. She was very amusing Saturday night, but their was a whole new level of humor having the same conversation last night. Also throwing little tidbits like her breast size and her just shaking her head. She's a twenty something, but a lot of fun and speaks her mind which I like.

3) Charming - actually I have no idea what to nickname her so I'm going with her Match name. We met last month at my monthly comedy improv event. I was with Law girl so I didn't really notice her that much. Anyway we are both on Match and we chatted during the week. She's very outgoing which I really like. A little far for my taste, but at least on this side of the water. I figured I would see her last night at improv. She was lively and more attractive than I remembered. We'll go out sometime this week. Now I just need to learn the area she lives in.

No Truer Words ....

At the gym this morning I ran into this guy Jack I know. Jack and I run into each other every couple of months. We met in yoga class. Being the only 2 guys you bond. Anyway I always figured Jack was L's friend that she talked about. I never ran into him when we were dating and then afterwards it didn't matter. Anyway this morning Jack confirmed for me that he was that person. Then he said that L is a lot of fun, but she is crazy. Jeez no truer words were ever spoken.

When I got to work this morning one of my patients I haven't seen in a while was there seeing the massage therapist that I referred him to. It was then that I was truly happy to be doing this whole lease thing. It's money I'm losing and I don't like that.

Today was our monthly Cook Out here. 79 degrees and sunny. It was wonderful, but let me tell you a real hard time getting back into the groove of work after enjoying the sun for an hour. Oye!

I'm waiting to hear how my Landlord's interview went with another applicant. My worries are that she is an early riser (out of the house by 6) and has a 5 month old. I can probably take one or the other, but not both. He asked me my opinion last night. We'll talk again tonight. Also on her side I'm not living like a monk next door. I don't blast my TV or stereo, but I'm not going to be a church mouse either.

A Big Thanks

Most people when they think about flashers the image of some scruffy guy in a tan raincoat comes to mind. I remember talking to a friend years ago and she was talking about flashing. I was intrigued. She said when she was feeling low she would flash someone. I asked how again thinking of the raincoat. She said she would make sure to wear something loose. Then bend over so a guy could get a good look at her breasts.
This came to mind a little while ago when the blond from next door came over to see if I had change of a twenty. While I was checking she flashed me. I want to thank all the women who have flashed me and to let you know if you're ever feeling low and need to flash someone. I'm here for you.


God I hate moving. So what did I find myself doing today? Moving boxes. Boxes that I have moved so many freaking times since I separated from my ex. So today was the day I upgraded my storage unit to a bigger one so that I can start to use the extra room in my office. The owner of the facility was very surprised how much stuff I had in the smaller unit. Hey I get my money's worth out of it. This new one is like a mansion compared to the smaller one. So over the weekend I'll move what I need to out of the office to finish it up. I would like to start advertising for a massage therapist Monday.

On other news I asked out another CPA. What I'll call her if things work out is beyond me. I already have CPA girl from last summer so maybe Tax girl. Hopefully she has some glaring characteristic that I can use.

It's always interesting to hear what women think of Match. Law girl didn't say much other than it had been slow. A women I know from the singles group was telling me that most of the men on their want needy women. I really had no idea what the women on the site want. It seems if you don't meet someone pretty quickly you become pretty jaded fast. I could be wrong, but it's what comes across.

Resentment Over Taxes

Many years ago when I first started my career. I was married and making very good money. Each year we use to go to get our taxes done we use to get screwed over. We were making too much money, we were married, etc. It was a raping. Once we owned property that all changed, but that really affected me. Why do I bring this up you say? Well my book keeper called today to ask a few questions before finishing off my taxes. Last year was the first year I made a profit for the business. Not a big one, by a long stretch, but a profit. I got hit with the unemployment insurance for 6 hundred. Yeowch! Another freakin' bill that I don't want. However in working through my anger I wonder if not deep down is this fear of being burned again underneath it all. Never getting to big so I won't get raped over again like I use to. I'm much better with finances than I use to be, but their is always some insanity mixed in it.

I picked up boxes from the liquor store today to start packing whatever I want to put in storage tomorrow. I have the free time so I'll make the move between units then and over the weekend move the 2 large items I have here.

It was funny today at my Membership Committee meeting, one of my committee said someone had made the complaint that I'm too strict in the general meeting. I told her I took it as a compliment. LOL. That's my job to be a hard ass so that we do a lot of business like we are. My philosophy is that if you don't kick some ass most people just don't put the effort into it.


I use to be a very passive person when it came to life. I didn't enjoy it and I always felt at the mercy of the winds of fate. It was a way of not taking responsibility for myself. Over the years I have switched to the polar opposite of being very active in my life. Now anything I'm passionate about I quickly become the leader in that. My support group I'm chairman, networking I'm vice president, and singles I'm the organizer. I've learned over the years if you want things to be around you need to support them to make them grow so they will always be around. While this makes me very happy I can become frustrated by others that just want to enjoy, but put nothing into helping whatever endeavor last.

Anyway I know I was talking yesterday that I would set up a 4 month plan of instituting a massage therapist in the office. As usual I'm a feet first type of guy. On Craig's List yesterday I found a guy who needed to get rid of a table before he moved. So I picked that up today dirt cheap. Later in this week I'll upgrade my storage space to the next size so I can empty out my extra room and start setting that up. I'll ask my friend tomorrow how much to get legal papers made up. Then I'll just need to find a 2 people to start it off.

Thinking on Business

It was a week reading the trade journals and a common them this week was what was your mission in your business would dictate your policies and such. Since I go for quality over quantity I know there will be a ceiling to what I alone can do in the business. What dictates if that will be profitable or not is how much people are paying for my services. The better insurance companies will help with that. The cheaper ones I'll keep since its money which is better than none. Most of these patients wouldn't come in if it wasn't covered. So I have to make sure I schedule these people into the slower times and leave the better compensator's the busy times.
So my thought is how to increase revenue in the office? I have a few retail items, but I don't push them. They're there if someone wants one, but I'm not a big retail person like one of my friends. Nutritional items are big, but again I'm not a pusher with stuff. I just tell people what I think they will need. I have a friend who is much bigger into it than I and I just refer my patients to him and he's good at referring me anyone who needs my services.

So besides leasing my extra room to someone outside my industry I have a massage therapist option. I was going to do this when the massage therapist across the hall was suppose to leave. She decided to stay. I refer many patients to her, but haven't gotten anything back. My patients are happy so I'm good with it, but it could be good revenue for my office. Hey if it pays my rent each month I would be more than happy. My concern is that I'm friendly with this person. However I realize there is a chiropractor right across the street from me and I don't give a shit about them. So I can't cut my own throat not to annoy someone else.

I know she wants to go into business with me, but I would strangle her. She's very sloppy business wise and I couldn't take that. When it comes to business I want my i's dotted and my t's crossed by the people I work closely with. So this is going to be the start of a 4-6 month plan. The good thing is the start up is low. A massage table, CD player, and a legal agreement. Now I just need to start implementing it.

Cue the Music

Eric called me to find out if he could watch the new Star Wars movies that are being played on broadcast TV. It was interesting and nice to be back in the loop. I told he the Phantom Menace was okay for him, but to wait on the other 2. He was very pleased. It was funny since episode 1 was the first movie he ever attended.
My ex and I had to take Eric for testing that morning to rule out any seizure activity. So I had taken the day off and the movie had opened the week before. He slept through almost the whole thing. Waking up during the big battle at the end. In feeding him I missed Obi slicing Darth Maul. Oh well, what we do for our kids.

Dating seems to be going into hiatus. At present their are no women of interest on Match. So I'll have to fall back to my old stand by of life which I have to admit I like better.


For the last month I've been putting off going across the street to an apartment complex to see about their lecture series. They already have it set up so I would just need to sign up. However I've been putting it off. I know it's a medicare population and it's not much money, but hey an extra $100 a week adds up. So I finally took the action yesterday and went across and set my date. It was easy as pie. The funny thing was that I got a call from a new patient 5 minutes later. It was a good reminder that I can fight the natural flow or I can just go along with it. When I go along with it good things follow.

On that same theme last night I gave up my restriction with separated women. I guess it started when I was separated and I was treated like a pariah. So when I became divorced I took on the attitude of fuck you with them. It turned out nice because then I ran into a woman I know from the singles group that is separated. We had a fun short talk. It's nice to meet someone that inspires you to be witty.

April Fool's Day

Well Catherinette got me early this morning with her April Fool's entry. Since then I haven't been buying much in everyone else's blog today. Although the stories have been very entertaining.

I finally got to talk to Eric yesterday. I hadn't talked to him since before Easter. We've missed each others calls and he left a message that again there was a problem with his mother's phone. I tell you the woman can buy new furniture when she isn't working, but can't get a decent working cellphone. Anyway he was upset. Sunday night he got this dread feeling that something bad was going to happen. He thought it might be me or my Mom. I assured him we were okay. Then he switched to his aunt who he knows is an alcoholic and drug addict. I was really shaking my head. He's picking up my ex's anxieties and if he is this way at 9 what will he be like when he is 20. We talked about it was nice that he cared about everyone, but that was all he could do. His aunt could drink herself into oblivion is she wanted to and he wouldn't be able to stop it. If he was worried about someone he could pray for them, but that was the extent of what he could do. It will be a work in progress.
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