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Sane Friends

No Truer Words ....

At the gym this morning I ran into this guy Jack I know. Jack and I run into each other every couple of months. We met in yoga class. Being the only 2 guys you bond. Anyway I always figured Jack was L's friend that she talked about. I never ran into him when we were dating and then afterwards it didn't matter. Anyway this morning Jack confirmed for me that he was that person. Then he said that L is a lot of fun, but she is crazy. Jeez no truer words were ever spoken.

When I got to work this morning one of my patients I haven't seen in a while was there seeing the massage therapist that I referred him to. It was then that I was truly happy to be doing this whole lease thing. It's money I'm losing and I don't like that.

Today was our monthly Cook Out here. 79 degrees and sunny. It was wonderful, but let me tell you a real hard time getting back into the groove of work after enjoying the sun for an hour. Oye!

I'm waiting to hear how my Landlord's interview went with another applicant. My worries are that she is an early riser (out of the house by 6) and has a 5 month old. I can probably take one or the other, but not both. He asked me my opinion last night. We'll talk again tonight. Also on her side I'm not living like a monk next door. I don't blast my TV or stereo, but I'm not going to be a church mouse either.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Wow, you all are having some fine California weather!


Good Friday afternoon to you, Mike.

Isn't it nice to get confirmation about L ?

The cook out sounded good.

Hope that the new applicant works out to be a good person who is easy to live next to.


We hit 80 something yesterday and it was NICE!

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