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Sane Friends

Dating Playbill

I was talking to a friend yesterday and they asked how dating was going. ROFLMAO! So I had to write out the list to make sure I didn't forget anyone. So I figured I'd post it here with 2 new ones. Hey you need to keep up.

Charming - we emailed, talked, know each other from the singles group. We plan to go out. 3 hours before hand she text me that her son is sick and cancels. She tells me she will call me later. Nothing.

Tax Girl - CPA very hyped to go out, but no way she can find the time before the 15th. Understood since I have friends that are CPA's and I know there going crazy. After the 15th - nothing.

Army Girl - explosives expert in the army. Yes I know I can pick them. We've been using ever form of communication for about a week and half now. However like Army girl will say a lot. Army life kills her relationships. We still haven't been able together since her schedule has been so erratic.

Stylist - I met at one of my single's events. I was more focused on Charming to really feel her out. She emailed me and we chatted a little. However I got to talk to her last night somewhat. Attractive, but I don't think it's a match.

VP - VP of the biggest east coast shipping co. We talked a little while and I mean a few minutes before she asked for my email address and sent me explicit pictures of herself. I joked about having to tie her up to be good. She made a comment about not being that type of girl and that was that. LMAO it was like a comedy show.

Sweet - just started talking to and we'll see how it goes. She had to run and we never finished talking. Maybe today.

Red - We chatted some last night. She hoped we could get together tonight, but I have Happy Hour. She has a wedding tomorrow so we're getting together Sunday. OMG an actual date.

So that was my last 2 weeks.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

She sent explicit pics and then said she wasn't that kind of girl? Strange.
Nice to see you aren't putting all of your eggs in one basket so to speak.
And...if Army girl becomes serious, I wouldn't piss her off because she could do serious damage with the skills she has...lol.

Have a great weekend,


You've been busy man!


Tracie - Yeah I truly had to laugh at the VP. I was looking for candid camera to show up.

Jen - I guess. If I actually made it to a date I would say yes.


Thanks for the re cap...It was very helpful...I was wondering about the Army Girl and there she was...on the enlisted list.

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