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Men are from the West Coast & Women are from the East Coast

An interesting article showed were all the sexes are located at in the country. Women out number men on the east coast. In cities like NYC women outnumber men by 221,000. Hey I might have to move back there to get a date. It seems like a dream of women battling for the few men. While on the west coast like LA men outnumber women by 90,000. Where do you live?

4 people had cathartic therapy:

I think you have a little typo there. Did you mean to say "In cities like NYC women outnumber men...?"

Don't we live on the East Coast? You got a lot of women to choose from, dontcha?


Teri - whoops thanks. Hey the next city over is supposely the best city for women in the country and I have to admit a high percentage of women I date come from there. Around here I'm the exotic one. I'm not a red neck or military which is the predominat men here.


trust me, in L.A. the men don't outnumber the women. Not the heterosexual ones.


Annie has it right fr sure!

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