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Are We Dating?

Army girl and I are communicating quite frequently. She texted me yesterday after she got stopped by a State Trooper and all the things that happened which was like a scene from the Twilight Zone. Later she called and we talked for another 45 minutes like the night before. At least once during the conversation she has to ask me to stop laughing so much. I can't help it. She's a hoot. Every once in a while she'll blurt something sexual out. Most of the time I don't rise to the bait. If we've been out a few time maybe, but we haven't even met face to face yet. I always feel like it is a test to see what we are after. She asked if we would talk today and I said yes.

I texted her earlier wishing her a fun day since it is raining and I know she still has her niece and nephew there. We'll talk again later. I'm always worried about this. What me worry? In the past when I've talked to women in close proximity for a while we never get together. While I know this allows us to get to know one another. There still could be no chemistry. So we'll see.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Hopefully you will have a date with her this week, Mike. You can get along great on the phone, but it's a whole other thing in person, and you are smart to know that. It is also good manners not to rise to the sexual remark bait - and I'm a little surprised she's throwing it out there now. I'm not prissy - I just automatically think either she's really horny and starved for it and a good girl - or she's easy and indiscriminate. Time will tell.


I hope I read about a date very soon!

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