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Sane Friends

The Little Engine that Could

Well at the end of this week Army girl is the only one still around. No responses from the other two. I tried dating this woman Dawn a few years back. We talked and IM'ed a lot, but could never get together. Something always came up or she forgot or something. One of my female friends said that a some women just want the attention. Who knows?

Anyway Army girl is now on night duty. How that happened I'll find out later since she gave me her number to call her. She's a good family person and seems surprised when I give her praise for it. She doesn't realize how many families do nothing for each other. I think a few of you hinted that the one I might discount may turn out to be the diamond in the rough.

Other than that I have my first interview Monday for a massage therapist for the office. I need this to get up and going to help give some influx of money into the office with the economy the way it is.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

I believe it was MMMEEE who said about the diamond in the rough.

However, I will not gloat yet...I'm still like 15 posts behind :)

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