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The Room, She is a Done

After a long week of packing, moving, and cleaning the room is finished and ready for a massage therapist. I have a headache at the moment from the paint fumes. I touched up the whole office since it was never done when MT and I exchanged offices. It really needed it. So in looking at the room I am impressed with all the work I did and hey I have a better table to sleep on if need be. Theirs probably a few other touches I could put in the room to make it more cozier. The pictures work and I left a wooden dresser in their to make it look more homey.

As usual it is a slow Thursday and so far a week of no insurance checks. WTF! I get stuff each week. It might be small, but at least something. Money is needed and I may need to break some legs to get some.

My Landlord has been gone this week and the roommate has been gone to. She left a note this morning apologizing for not being around. Hey be gone more often is my motto. I got to pull out the air guitar last night and blast some music. It was great. I haven't done it in months.

Tonight is my business social. Little sad to hear that a lot of the group is not coming, but it should be a great time. Food and drinks at Keagan's and I can keep my eye open for the after work crowd hanging out there.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Nice job on getting the room done. Too bad we aren't closer to you...I'd send you my roommate massage therapist.

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