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I work in a crazy profession. Hey I'm the first to admit it. All professions probably have it, I just know mine. I guess like all businesses the thought process is how to separate people from their money. What's funny is that other chiropractors aren't immune to this. To keep our licences we need to take continuing education credits. While in theory this sounds like a good way to keep everyone informed and up to date with everything. However it has become big business with pretty lame information that any idiot comes up and throws a large price tag on it. The problem is we all need these classes. Let me tell you, more than half the time I would rather just hand them over the money and relax at home instead of hearing some idiot tell me about the brand new thing he discovered. It's like watching late night infomercials except for the price I should now own stock in the company.
The only thing worse than this our the classes that are expensive and don't count for crap. This brings me to my investigation into BRT. One of my new patients got great results from it and I know there are only like 3 practitioners in this state including the creator. For some reason he has created a new technique AST. Hey new name, more money. So for a paltry $1200 I to can learn this technique and help people to lose weight. While I believe many people need to lose weight to be healthier I don't see myself paying that much for it. Then charging the same amount for a person to go through the program.

I remember my old boss saying, "there's a thin gray line between a crook and a businessman."

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