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Sane Friends

Happy Hour

Blackfinns turned out to be a very nice place, right on the Elizabeth river. They had RSVP'd two tables for us and appetizers. I had wrist bands and name tags for everyone.
As always people dribbled in over the first hour. Some old faces and many new which was good. When conversation slowed I would whip the camera out to take pictures.
Later in the evening we went out on their patio to hang out. The weather was perfect for it. I didn't have to do much work once enough people got there.
It's amazing to see the introverts and the extroverts in the group and see I'm in the latter. A few people scooted out without saying goodbye. Overall it was a great event and everyone had fun. 16 people came and I got to play host. So I think this will have to be a monthly event since afterwards a lot of people started to RSVPing for stuff.

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You're like the entertainment director on a cruise ship!

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