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Sane Friends


I use to be a very passive person when it came to life. I didn't enjoy it and I always felt at the mercy of the winds of fate. It was a way of not taking responsibility for myself. Over the years I have switched to the polar opposite of being very active in my life. Now anything I'm passionate about I quickly become the leader in that. My support group I'm chairman, networking I'm vice president, and singles I'm the organizer. I've learned over the years if you want things to be around you need to support them to make them grow so they will always be around. While this makes me very happy I can become frustrated by others that just want to enjoy, but put nothing into helping whatever endeavor last.

Anyway I know I was talking yesterday that I would set up a 4 month plan of instituting a massage therapist in the office. As usual I'm a feet first type of guy. On Craig's List yesterday I found a guy who needed to get rid of a table before he moved. So I picked that up today dirt cheap. Later in this week I'll upgrade my storage space to the next size so I can empty out my extra room and start setting that up. I'll ask my friend tomorrow how much to get legal papers made up. Then I'll just need to find a 2 people to start it off.

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Glad to see you have a plan for this!

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