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Sane Friends

Offering Up a Prayer

I wasn't expecting to talk to Army girl last night. We had IM'ed earlier and she had to get up at 3 am. Yuck! Such is army life. Anyway what was really interesting is that for my other blog. I have a lot of different accounts so I can gather information. Anyway Army girl and I started talking in there also. It was pretty funny and we both wondered if it was a sign. So we ended up talking for over an hour last night. It's weird to be talking to someone about relationships and life when you haven't met. She's a very nice person and its' funny because she thinks all that she is done is normal, but it's above and beyond the normal. We ended up talking about her being 30 next week and me 41. Army girl likes older men just because we aren't looking to have kids and more settled in life. I like her because she hasn't become jaded in life yet. So I'm hoping their is chemistry when we meet up later in the week.

On the other hand I can see how people become so jaded on the online sites. 3-4 women who said they have wanted to get together have not panned out. I catch myself now when someone says it that I'll believe it when it happens.

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I try and get together ASAP now if someone is interesting. I hate getting all involved via the phone, email, texts, etc. and then having no chemistry in person.

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