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Being from Long Island, NY. The only natural disasters I'm use to are hurricanes which blow a few trees down and some coastal flooding. However usually it's pretty harmless except for that idiot that wants to stand on the beach and watch it come ashore.
So it was pretty interesting to have a tornado come storming through the area yesterday only about 20 miles away. In 6 minutes it leveled almost two towns. There were other small ones that blew out windows throughout the area. It is unusual for the area. While we have plenty of waterspouts and really week twisters (F0) that know a few branches down and make for a good news story and picture. A F3-4 tornado doesn't really happen here. So everyone is all a flutter in the area.

Well I had no response back from the massage therapist that wanted the room. It's funny she's the one that said she wanted it instead of saying she was interested in it. Like dating I just shake my head.

On a very weird note. The gas station around the corner is selling gas for 2.99/gallon. The line is around the block. Probably waste more gas waiting.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Wait a minute, I was thinking I live about twenty miles from the tornado, too!


Glad to hear you are ok...I texted Infamous JP this morning to make sure you guys didn't blow away.

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