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Sane Friends

I Love it When a Plan Comes Together

Game night was a big success. Pretty much everyone came that said they would so that was 16 people. We used every wooden chair up in Starbucks. Charming didn't show. I got to meet a lot of great new people and see old friends. The Florist showed up in here usual breasts hanging out outfit. I swear she has a closet full of these tops, but hey I guess it is a singles event. I was looking forward to seeing the Stylist. I met her at comedy improv, but I was focused more on Charming. So I got to know her a little better last night. She's attractive, but I don't think a match. Anyway the night was so awesome we decided to so it twice a month. One person offered their house so that should make it better.

So we played Scruples, Blurt. and What's Mind Like. All fun games. The games really helped give flavor to everyone to see what their like. Mazda would probably sell his mother to cannibals for $2, I have little shame and have sex in strange places, etc.

I started talking to the VP yesterday. Yes you do need a playbill to keep up. After a few minutes she sent me some very explicit pictures of herself (Hey I wasn't complaining). I made some comment about tying her up to keep her good. For some reason she took offense at that. Like Woody Allen said, "how could I miss read those signs?"

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Awesome! That sounds like a perfect number of people. I love it when everything comes together.


Game night sounds like a BLAST.

VP sounds like a headcase.

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