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Sane Friends


I got up this morning already to hike. Got dressed and since I had extra time I went online to see that Walking girl had cancelled the hike. There was another Mike who she thought was me who said he couldn't make it. I was bummed and asked since I was still game did she want to go. She was all for it and we actually got 2 others to join in.

Walk girl was attractive and she had used a older picture of herself, but it was great to meet her. With a few problems finding everyone we were out on the trails. We had a great day for it. I was hoping to get a picture of a woodpecker whacking a tree, but he took off before I could grab a shot. I did get some of the turtles sunning themselves. There was no snakes, but a lot of interesting bird calls that we could never find the source of. We crossed bridges over the water with cyress trees cover in Spanish moss, passed Indian burial grounds, and just peaceful areas deep in the woods.
I had made the mistake of thinking Walk girl was walking at 6 am during the week, but it was pm instead. So not this week, but the following I will try to get out to walk in the great weather. Next week we're shooting for a beach walk.

Afterwards we hit Subways for food and drinks after our 5 mile hike. Walk girl said she would come to my Happy Hour event Friday so I can talk more to her then.

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I took a walk myself, but through Central Park. I miss hiking! It looks like you guys had a great time, repeats!! : )


Walking together is a fun thing to do - good date idea :)


It was a wonderful week to hike here. I hiked on Saturday and the sky was so clear you could see the downtown sky line from 45 miles away.

I didn't see as much wildlife as you did, but I found inspiration and hope.

Wish I was close enough to come to happy hour.

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