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Sane Friends

One Down, Two to Go

Well Charming and I got to talk tonight. Like she mentioned she is shy when it is one on one instead of the outgoing person she is in a group. It was a nice conversation, occasionally interrupted by her kids. I made a few jokes, especially with her living in another country being out in Suffolk. However she explained to me where she is which isn't to far. Why they call it the northern part is beyond me, I would say the eastern section. Oh well. Anyway we're set for the Baker's Crust Wednesday night.

Being a doctor, I've realized that perception is everything. So when Charming said how about later in the evening, I had to ask when would that be. She was like 6:30 and I'm thinking 8. Her time is better for me since I can shoot right over after work.

Since I've already met Charming she is on the top of my list. I would say Tax girl is next. Army girl I know is just for fun. She was too shocked to learn that I was married for 10 years. Our lives are too different, but we joke around so much I think it would be a blast to have drinks together.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

I think you ought to have a few margaritas and go have sex on a speedboat. But that's just me...


Just try not to take them all to the same place...that could get awkward if the waitstaff recognizes you and references your previous dates.


Have fun with Charming on Wednesday night, Mike !


p.s. the crepe jamaica on the dessert menu sounded scrumptious !

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