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Show Me the Money

Since half the money I make each week comes from the insurance companies. I'm always on the lookout for checks. Especially when they have been missing as of late. So in checking to see what's going on I find out they don't have them. WTF? I always love the get rid of this envelope trick. Yes it is true. I went to school with a guy from the industry and he said he was trained to loss a certain amount. The acceptable loss most likely. Bastards.

Last nights social with everyone was a blast. The general complaint was that more people didn't come. Hopefully next time we'll do a weekend BBQ. It was a good time and a way to get to know everyone better with some good food. Also our waitress was hot.

Tomorrow I'm going hiking. I joined the group because the woman running it is really attractive. This is how I started with salsa. So far it looks like just the 2 of us. Hopefully she's a nice person or I'll have to lose her ass out in the woods.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Who was the cute little one in the black-and-white ? Didja ask her out yet ???


Yeah, I have the same question as Annie.

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