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April Fool's Day

Well Catherinette got me early this morning with her April Fool's entry. Since then I haven't been buying much in everyone else's blog today. Although the stories have been very entertaining.

I finally got to talk to Eric yesterday. I hadn't talked to him since before Easter. We've missed each others calls and he left a message that again there was a problem with his mother's phone. I tell you the woman can buy new furniture when she isn't working, but can't get a decent working cellphone. Anyway he was upset. Sunday night he got this dread feeling that something bad was going to happen. He thought it might be me or my Mom. I assured him we were okay. Then he switched to his aunt who he knows is an alcoholic and drug addict. I was really shaking my head. He's picking up my ex's anxieties and if he is this way at 9 what will he be like when he is 20. We talked about it was nice that he cared about everyone, but that was all he could do. His aunt could drink herself into oblivion is she wanted to and he wouldn't be able to stop it. If he was worried about someone he could pray for them, but that was the extent of what he could do. It will be a work in progress.

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Hard stuff for a nine year old.

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