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Sane Friends


Well I'm out of the funk from the break up with Law girl. Funny I didn't know I was in one, but the fog lifted last night. I guess when all the good things that I learned in the relationship come to my mind the grieving is over. What is the final part, acceptance? I didn't realize it, but I was just not wanting a deep relationship which is weird since I always strive towards it. However that was what I learned in this relationship and Law girl confirmed it with I did all the right things in her email. The payoff during our time together was great and I know it would have been better if the chemistry was there for her.

Still no reply from the girl I had the date with Saturday. Since Ginormous asked, she didn't offer to pay for lunch just go to lunch. Offering to pay would have been the right thing to do to make up for the screw up. Oh well. No loss.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Good to hear you are out of the fog!

Saturday girl can bite me.


Glad you've come out the other side ok.
Well done you.

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