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Lazy Sunday

Well Sunday was a really lazy day for me. I got up late. Went down read the paper. Went back up to my room checked email on my bed then laid back down and was out for a few hour snooze. I did close down Match yesterday for 2 reasons. The real reason is L is flirting on the other side and I'm enjoying flirting back. Since it's not where I want to be going and I'm having a hard time of calling it quits it was easier to just drop it. The second smaller one is that I'm thinking of Law girl a lot and it's where I want to put my focus.

I tell you my week is busy and full, but when it comes to the weekend its a wasteland. I'm always looking for something to do. That unbalance is usually what makes the flirting with L fun. It's just something to keep me occupied.

So I took this weekend to catch up on some movies that I missed when they came out. Namely Ferris Bueller and Austin Powers. Yes, yes I know. How could I have not seen these movies. I never was a John Hughes fan and Ferris was okay. Maybe I had to see it back when I was a teenager to get more out of it. I'm happy I finally saw it since I know the jokes and use them. Austin Powers was better and one of these days I'll see the follow up movies.

I emailed Law girl a little message telling her I was thinking about her. I'll give her a call tonight and set something up for Wednesday or Thursday.

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