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Redbox & Pizza

Since I dropped my car off for inspection today I'm car less. My usual place's inspection guy is on vacation this week. Since my inspection ended last week I figured let me get it done. So I took it the place around the corner. This is one of the reason's I don't like them. They take forever. As of an hour ago they still didn't look at the car.

So having to hoof it today I've stayed in the area for everything. I stopped by the old pizza place to say hi to my old manager and get some pizza. Still get my discount which is great. Labelled a few boxes, cut my pizza and I was good.

I got some soy ice cream for afternoon dessert after my walk to the Post office. Since I had some extra time today I figured I would try out Redbox. What a freaking great idea. $1 gets you a DVD for 24 hours. Hey I cold drop it back off tonight. So I got Beowulf. It's okay and for a $1 who really cares.

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Hey.. I'm having pizza tonight too :)

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