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Sane Friends

Tuesday Things

Well I see I am the plague bearer. I saw my friend last week to get treated and she got sick. By this week she sounded like death warmed over. I was sad to hear it since I knew she had a performance this weekend.

I spoke to Law Girl last night and we had a nice conversation and we'll get together to go to the Funny Bone tomorrow night. She's free till Saturday so I'm hoping we can get together again before then. I like her and like I was saying with Paul this morning I think I can build a relationship with her. I don't know why I just get that stable feeling from her.

I got home from visiting friends last night. There was an email from L. I knew I shouldn't open it, but I did and the trap snapped on me. She informed me that she got a nice new toy for Valentine's day and in detail told me how she trying it out. Delete please! If I had nothing going right now I might go back to the sex and no relationship. However with someone I'm excited over now way.

The excitement at the house is the pair of hawks that are setting up nest. We thought they were just passing through with the pile of bird heads they've left us. However my Landlord spotted them making there nest this morning. Well at least the bird heads are neater than the Egrets barf like shit that use to land on the cars.

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