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Sane Friends

The Lunch Date #7

It was nice to email Law girl this morning to say I couldn't wait to see her and to have her respond the same. Panera bread was really good for lunch just very crowded. I tell you I've never been so relaxed with someone so early on. It's nice.

Afterwards we went back to my office for the grand tour. Law girl had never had chiropractic treatment before so I gave her the full treatment. Actually extra since I massaged her hands while she was on therapy. Little rusty on the skills, but the came back pretty fast. As I've commented before I get a look into a woman's mind while I'm working on her so I got a glimpse of Law girl today that made me smile.

My gut was right and we shared our first prolonged kiss today. It was really nice. She even massaged my hands for me and asked if I could teach her how to do it. Wow someone that actually wants to give besides receive.

I totally had forgotten our first conversation when Law girl turned to me and said, "you really are a nice guy." She had said everyone says how normal she is and I said everyone says I'm a nice guy. Well she's really normal which is weird to me, not in a bad way, just weird.

So she invited me over for Easter dinner at her place to meet her kids and parents. Theirs a big step. We'll also get together Friday night and do something. Not quite sure what yet. I have to admit I really like that she has a life.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

This is a HUGE step.

She obviously thinks very highly of you - have a GREAT time.

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