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Woohoo I'm Moving into Eastern Europe

I tell you it's like the game Risk. Every morning I check my Cluster Map to see where I have extended my influence to. The amount of pleasure it gives me is enormous, like a kid getting a present pleasure. I do have to thank SWF42 for the link.

Other than that I had my Mom's care meeting this morning. The big thing is my Mom is getting very picky with her eating. She's loss like 6 pounds in the last few months. It's part of the dementia, but we are trying to get around the problem. I know she still inhales chocolate chip cookies. Since the sweet taste buds are the last ones you have we're trying Ensure with ice cream to try and get the weight back on her. Also hopefully some therapy to get her walking better again.

It was good to talk to Law girl last night. I missed her and it was nice to hear her voice. I'm starting to think that she is good at showing her feelings, but verbally she maybe lacking. So far in the relationship she has done many big things, but expressing herself verbally has lacked. While I'm very happy I do miss this quality and I know it was a problem with my ex also. We had talked about this issue indirectly and Law girl said she was weak in this quality, but she was working on it.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Do you mean expressing herself verbally about her feelings or do you mean she's just not much of a talker?


If someone from Montana reads your blog, I'm going to be really pissed. :-D

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