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Sane Friends

The Pre Date Show

So tonight is date #5. How the hell did we get here? No complaints, just surprised to get here so fast. Anyway painting plans got squashed due to Law girl having to get her tax stuff together. No problem for me I just wanted to know if we were still getting together. She was still game so I was happy. We're still doing dinner which will be good.

I think it's time to start digging some. It's weird I do know a bunch about her, but in a way I don't feel I know her. Weird? I feel like I'm in that dead man's zone of being comfortable with her, but something is missing.

On the kissing issue. If it continues tonight I'll ask to see where she is with it.

The general consensus is dinner, flowers, and a card for her birthday. So I want to thank everyone. The funny thing is that I didn't want to buy the card today so as not to jinx our talk tonight.

Stay tuned for the post game show. I'll try to get photos.

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