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Well That's A First

As I previously stated I had a date yesterday. We were suppose to meet at Starbucks at 1. Well by 1:20 I was out of there. Why? I was stood up. First time so a new thing experienced. It was a spur of the moment ask out so I really had nothing to lose with the date so it was no big deal. It was a new boundary setting of the 20 minutes and then splitting. A small part of me later on was like maybe I left too early, but hey if you can't be there on time it says a lot about how you feel. I did learn that I can flirt while waiting for a date though.

When I did get home I found a email from her stamped at noon. She had a emergency with her son and couldn't make it. She hoped we could reschedule and maybe do lunch. Their was no apologies which I thought was weird and how did we upgrade this to lunch when I was left sitting there. I emailed her back hoping all was well with her son. I told her next time we would exchange phone numbers so that this could be avoided. I left it in her hands of telling me when she was free. Like I said the date was no big deal so I really don't care if it happens or not.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Yep, always having the number on your cell is a good thing, just in case... I guess you'll see if she's really interested by making the next move.


I say give it another shot...she did email you. Plus I think the lunch upgrade was because she felt bad...I would do that same sort of thing.

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