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Sane Friends

Friday Morning

Well it's a busy day in the office which is always good. This morning on my way into the gym I met Rudy from Survivor. He's a fellow Virginia Beach resident. It took me a moment to think who he was, I just knew he was someone.

I'm not big on talking politics, but this Spitzer fiasco brought something up that needed commenting. I think I found out what his problem was. They asked a professional what you get for $3000 dollars and they said you get a women who will forget you the moment you leave. WTF? Any guy I've ever known always wanted the women to remember him for the rest if his days.

I think Law girl and I have moved to a different level. The conversation on the phone last night was more relaxed with a lot more laughter. I guess the "talk" is coming. Done it twice in my life and I had to bring it up. From my research women usually broach the topic first, but in my dating world that has never happened. I have a few different versions in my head, just not quite sure which one I'm going to use. We're planning on getting together tomorrow. I have a gift certificate to a place she really likes. So I'll get some flowers and a card to celebrate her birthday there.

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