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Sane Friends

Happy Easter

What's Easter without any Peeps. This morning the Landlord and myself are meeting a bunch of young Moms and their little ones to celebrate Easter with the little one. Then later on I'm heading over to Law girl's place for Easter dinner with her family.

One thing I didn't mention here was that Friday I called Eric to see how he was doing. He was upset since he had been to the doctor and he might have Slap Cheek Syndrome. Some virus that would cause him to act weird he said. After a while I think I got Slack Jaw out of him, neither one was I able to find any information on. I figured my ex would call me and fully explain it. As usual I guessed wrong so I'll have to track her down today to find out what is going on.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Those peeps sure know how to let loose.

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