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Sane Friends

Post Date Report

I arrived at Law girl's a little early and got to pet Buddy her energetic dog. She's a big hug person so that's a good thing. We went over to the Funny Bone. Even though she works across the street she's never been there so I was happy to show it to her. I made a mistake with the smoking night. I tell you I think every smoker in a 50 mile radius was there. I think their was only a handful of people not smoking. It was weird. I don't think I've seen that many smokers in one place in a long time. I do have to admit that their ventilation system works very well.

We talked, joked, and shared and appetizer. I put my arm around her during the show and Law girl leaned against me and put her hand on my leg. It was nice to have her close. The show was good as always. A table next to us got drunk and was way too noisy. I was surprised, but very happy that the bouncer came in and shut them right up.

Law girl invited me to meet some of her friends at Happy Hour Friday night. So that will be fun. Hopefully we can hang out afterwards. I invited her to Comedy Improv on Sunday. I said dinner before hand at Fellini's and she was up to me. So I may change it to save some money since with tickets it becomes an expensive night.

Hand holding, arms around each other. All great. Kissing however is not moving along. This quick kiss thing is growing tiresome. I want a prolonged kiss. In the back on my mind I feel that Law girl wants this relationship and is moving slow. Slow is good I just want my kiss. So I'll see what I can do next time.

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