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My friend Tina had this to say on my last date with Law girl. It brought up a good point that I would like to talk about.

Hey Mike,
It sounds like another enjoyable date with Law Girl. The feeling I am getting is that this is a very sensible and respectable woman. And responsible. Since she has a daughter, I am sure that she is trying to be conscious ... and cautious ... about her relationships. She wants to make sure that things are secure between the two of you, so that she doesn't make a move that she could come to regret, as well as doing anything that would adversely affect her daughter.
Frustrating as this could be for you, it is actually a gift. First, it demonstrates that this gal is a class act who doesn't just jump into the physical thing ... she is responsible about that part of her life. And the other thing is that in holding back some, she is actually causing the two of you to put more emphasis on getting to know each other without it getting clouded by the physical aspect of it. When things finally do happen, they will be that much better as a result. To me, this is all good ... if somewhat ummm, frustrating ! lol

Oh I totally understand that part and I like it. We are developing in all other aspects of our relationship without the physical clouding any judgement. I've tried to do this in the past and have been dumped for it. So I gave it up since I can't do it all and the women I was with were pushing the physical. However it is frustrating, but for a different reason than you might think. It's being a guy and in a relationship a guy is suppose to step up to the plate and drive the relationship. It's hard to drive when you don't know where you're going.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

I wouldn't be able to hold out on the making out. I just love it too much.

But then again, I'm more of a Hussy.

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