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Insurance Companies

I tell you there's nothing I love more that dealing with the bureaucratic red tape of insurance companies. Even when there nice their still evil. Every few months they make it harder and harder to get to a real person someplace in East Buttfuckya. So after playing ring around my minutes down the drain while I keep putting in the insurance ID and it keeps putting me back in the same place I hit a different person to get to a real person. I immediately tell her that I need someone in another department. She switches me to the operator (do these people still exists?) who transfers me to a person who tries to help me.

Anyway I give this lady the information who reads me the same answer on the claim which said the procedure wasn't covered when done by me a non medical doctor. Well fuck you too. So what you're saying is that the chiropractic adjustment isn't covered when done by a chiropractor. She didn't have much to say then so she dropped to the old stand by he doesn't have coverage, yeah that's the ticket. I inform her that their website states that he does. She gives me the phone number of another department. I should of made her transfer me. I call the 800 number to "hey Scott." SCREWED!!!!!

There's fucking 20 minutes of my life I'll never get back. So I'll have to start again later when I have the time to waste.

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