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Post Date #5 Report

Well after I picked up Law girl and we drove to the restaurant we talked a bunch. One how we weren't interviewing each other. It was all casual and relaxed. Things just came up as we talked. I asked her to tell me things few people knew. With her vanilla past it was hard, but we talked about different things from our past and childhoods. It was nice and fun.

Dinner was excellent and we drove around Law girl's old grandparents area. She was very close to them and I've never been in that part of Norfolk before. So it was nice to go down memory lane with her.

Comedy Improv was a blast as usual. Law girl enjoyed it and I had a large crowd of people which worked out well. It was nice to cuddle up against each other to enjoy the show.

So on the way home I asked when we could get together again. Law girl thinks it's very cute how excited I am with wanting to see her. We both agreed we like each other.

Now on kissing. If it's going to be a small smooch she's relaxed, but if its going to be something bigger she's quick. The whole night we had small kisses during dinner and the show. So there was nothing to talk about. However when I dropped her off it was a different story. I could see the hurry. I didn't want to put her on the spot right there at the end of the night. So I'll bring it up when we get together next time about how I notice how she gets quick.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Nice date! On the kissing front, I think that was a nice call on your part, to leave it for discussion for next time, and not end the evening that way.

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